Salt nicotine, Cooling Agent WS-23, regular nicotine Heno, Xi'an Taima wholesale trade:

1. Our company offers to purchase high-quality nicotine salt in stock manufactured in China’s own laboratory, "CrazyVapor co ltd Hong-Kong"

2. We offer you a real WS-23 Cooling Agent or a Malaysian cooler in two types, crystalline and diluted to work with liquids up to 45%.

3. We also offer certified nicotine 1000 mg of excellent quality, purification rate of 99.7% and 99.9%. Not inferior to nicotine from Heno, Xi'an Taima, Alchem and others.

4. We offer to buy nicotine bitartrate dihydrate, nicotine monotartrate monohydrate, nicotine phosphate, from our own production.

Certificate of conformity: № РОСС RU.АВ28.H20845

Distinguishing features of salt nicotine E-SALT

  • High quality;
  • Low TH;
  • High absorption rate;
  • Suitable for closed and cartridge systems;
  • Provides comfortable vaping at high concentrations <70mg;
  • Significantly reduces fluid intake for electronic cigarettes.

E-SALT nicotine salt for electronic cigarettes is a basic component that allows you to create a new generation of liquids. This nicotine salt was developed by CrazyVapor Co. (Shenzhen) and manufactured in China’s own certified laboratory. The synthesis is carried out in a special reactor using the best raw material, which has a maximum degree of purification equal to A.C.S. Each type of salt nicotine is developed for specific purposes.

Varieties of salt nicotine E-SALT

  • E-SALT RED: Universal salt nicotine with minimal taste, suitable for all types of devices, has higher TH, lower digestibility in the blood compared to E-SALT BLUE and E-SALT WHITE. Not subject to strong oxidation;
  • E-SALT BLUE: It is the most optimal salt nicotine for cartridge systems of the closed and open types, has a low TH and a high rate of entry into the blood, has a slight personal taste on concentrations from 40 mg The American company Juul and PHIX uses just such a salt nicotine in their cartridges.Is not subject to strong oxidation;
  • E-SALT WHITE: Salt nicotine with the highest absorption rate in the blood and very low TH, has a slight taste at high concentrations, which is easily hidden and combined with any flavors. At low concentrations can be used on all types of devices. Many US manufacturers of liquids use this class of salt nicotine.
  • E-SALT YELLOW: Salt nicotine with an average rate of digestibility in the blood and moderate TH, does not have its own taste, it is easily combined with any flavors. Can be used with any devices. Digestibility of salt nicotine in the blood at the level of E-SALT RED.
  • E-SALT MIXED: Salt nicotine with practically eliminated disadvantages is a mixture in different proportions of 4 types of salt nicotine and 1 type not included in the base of mono-salt, own production. This mixture has excellent qualities for low TH, does not distort the taste of aroma. Also there is a high rate of absorption into the blood..

E-SALT nicotine salt wholesale trade

Name / Concentration 1 Kg 10 Kg 50 Kg 100 Kg
E-SALT BLUE 100mg/200mg/600mg 58$/95$/263$ per Kg 52$/85$/253$ per Kg 42$/78$/243$ per Kg 38$/68$/233$ Per Kg
E-SALT WHITE 100mg/200mg/600mg 58$/95$/263$ per Kg
52$/85$/253$ per Kg 42$/78$/243$ per Kg 38$/68$/233$ Per Kg
E-SALT RED 100mg/200mg 58$/95$ per Kg 52$/85$ per Kg 42$/78$ per Kg 38$/68$ per Kg
E-SALT YELLOW 100mg/200mg/600mg 58$/95$/263$ per Kg 52$/85$/253$ per Kg 42$/78$/243$ per Kg 38$/68$/233$ Per Kg
E-SALT MIXED 100mg/200mg 58$/95$ per Kg 52$/85$ per Kg 42$/78$ per Kg 38$/68$ per Kg

Cooling Agent WS-23 in a diluted 45% and crystalline form wholesale trade
The cooler of the highest quality, comes in two forms, in the form of crystals and in a form ready for use. In diluted form, it is enough to add 1-2% in order to get the same cooling effect as Malaysian liquids..

Name 1 L 10 L 100 L
Cooling agent WS-23| 45% Liquid 89$ per L 74$ per L 54$ per L
Name 1 Kg 25 Kg 50 Kg
Cooling agent WS-23 crystals 99$ per Kg
79$ per Kg 69$ per Kg

NICOTINE 1000mg wholesale
The most common high-purity nicotine is 99.7% and 99.9%, odorless and tasteless, not inferior to nicotine from Heno and Xi'an directly from the factory. The maximum concentration of the product is 1000 mg. All certificates are available. CAS: 54-11-5

Name 1 L 10 L 50 L 100 L
Nicotine 1000 mg, 99,7% purity 154$ per L 152$ per L 150$ per L 148$ per L
Nicotine 1000 мг, 99,9% purity 160$ per L 158$ per L 156$ per L 154$ per L

Nicotine bitartrate dihydrate, CAS: 6019-06-3. White or light beige powder contains nicotine for oral use, for example, without tobacco snus. The pure nicotine content of 325mg is the highest possible concentration in this class. Own production "CrazyVapor co ltd Hong Kong" Our nicotine bitartrate dihydrate is 100% real.
Buy nicotine bitartrate dihydrate, high quality powder with delivery of its own production in China. Scope: snus, tastes: sour taste, turning into bitterness, melting point: 82 C, high solubility in water.

Name 1 Kg 5 Kg 10 Kg
Nicotine Bitartrate Dihydrate 190$ per Kg 185$ per Kg 180$ per Kg

Ready mix SNUS, white non-tobacco
Buy non-tobacco snus based nicotine bitartrate dihydrate. Snus salling without pouches. SNUS is made using our own technology. The pH regulating agent is dressed in a matrix that does not allow the pH regulator to influence nicotine bitartrate dihydrate during storage, the matrix is chosen in such a way to dissolve only from the pH in the oral cavity. SNUS, the shelf life of this product is 2 years. Snus was also subject to granulation, which prevents dust inside the package. The flavors are transferred to the dry state and added to the composition. This snus does not require moisture and comes in a dry form.

Name 100 - 5000 kg
Ready mix SNUS 1-14 mg/g 19$ per kg
More than 14mg/g nicotine + 1mg/g nicotine to each kg +0,3$ to the base price each kg
Aromatization (our raw materials) (fruit, tobacco, mixes, etc.) +3$ to the base price each kg
Aromatization (our raw materials) (mint, menthol, etc.) +1$ to the base price each kg
Aromatization (your raw material) 0$

Shipping and Contact Information

  • All cargo is well packaged. Sending is carried out in any available way, our or your logistics. (Our warehouse in Shenzhen - China)
  • Payment Details: Western Union, Bank transfer to our company in Hong Kong, Cash (can issue any invoice)
  • Contacts for order:, Wechat ID: CRAZYVAPORSHOP, Phone / WhatsApp / Telegram: +86 18665943091
  • Contact person: Mr. Andrew Zykov